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Our Team Brings

The team members at CLARUS Corporation not only have higher education credentials and community college experience,
but our team also brings a passion for making a difference for our community college clients
—in fact, we pride ourselves on it.

Where Are We Located?

CLARUS Corporation headquarters is located in the heart of the MidwestAlliance, Nebraska.

We also have digital managers strategically located across the country to best serve you.





What To Expect

  • Fair & Ethical

    Business Practices

    CLARUS Corporation personnel conduct business affairs in an ethical and professional manner with the intention of giving the highest level of value and satisfaction to our client colleges. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. In fact, we want to have such a strong positive relationship with our colleges that they will be proud and excited about personally calling us a colleague and friend and recommending our services to other colleges. For us, the best reference is a satisfied college.

  • Client Relationships

    College’s Best Interest First

    CLARUS Corporation provides services to our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity; we place the college’s best interests above all others in the project.

  • Full Disclosure

    Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

    CLARUS Corporation endeavors to avoid conflict of interest, or the appearance of such. We disclose to the client any circumstances or possible conflicts which might influence judgment for the project.

  • Objectivity

    We Will Meet Your Unique Needs

    CLARUS Corporation endeavors to understand the values and desired outcomes of our clients. We will custom design our programs and practices to meet their unique needs. Prior to accepting any project, we ensure that there is a mutual understanding with the client college of the objectives, scope, work plans, fees, and expenses for the duration of the contract. CLARUS Corporation only charges fees and expenses which are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the service delivered.

  • Integrity

    Finding The Best Fit

    CLARUS Corporation is committed to providing accurate representation of our skills and capabilities. If we do not feel that we can honorably meet the needs of our clients we will assist them in finding an organization with a better “fit” for the successful outcome of the project they are undertaking.

  • Dedication and Contribution

    Making A Long-Term Positive Outcome

     CLARUS Corporation will take ownership in the long-term positive outcome of a project and its impact on the success of our clients. That is, it is our commitment to contribute to developing sustainable competitive advantages for our clients. Thus, we will make every effort to follow up and to measure the impact of our programs.

  • Commitment to Change

    We Practice What We Teach

    CLARUS Corporation believes that the members of our organization should not just be consultants, but should assist the colleges in making a sustainable change in their organization. We practice what we teach and believe in, particularly in terms of developing the skills of the personnel at the college to continue without us when the project is over. We continuously strive to learn new skills and best business practices worth employing in the management of our business as well as to share with our clients.

  • Confidentiality

    For Proprietary Or Privileged Information

    CLARUS Corporation respects the individual rights of the participants in the market assessment. We will not disclose any individual information about the participants unless so directed by the participants. We also respect the personnel and corporate rights of the college with which we work. We treat all college information as confidential, preventing access by unauthorized people unless indicated otherwise by the college. We do not take advantage of any proprietary or privileged information without the college’s permission.

  • Reliability

    Meeting Our Commitment To You

    Project delivery dates will be carefully planned in full consultation and agreement with the needs of the client college and the ability of CLARUS Corporation. Every effort will be invested to meet the commitment dates. In cases where circumstances prevent the meeting of a deadline or if meeting the deadline would jeopardize the integrity of a project, colleges will be given maximum notice and every alternative means for fulfillment will be undertaken.

Meet the CLARUS Team

Kathi Jordan Swanson, Ph.D.


Kathi Swanson

  • Ph.D. Marketing, Texas A&M University (at age 27)
  • Master in Business Administration, University of Louisiana–Monroe
  • Bachelor in Business Administration, University of Louisiana–Monroe
  • Marketing faculty member at Nebraska State College
  • Chair of the Nebraska State College Board of Trustees (youngest chair ever)

The best part of my job is making a difference for my clients—whether it is increasing enrollments for the first semester in five years for a college or filling a specific program that was on the verge of closure.

Meet Your Digital Managers

Sarah Pauley


Sarah Pauley

  • Master of Science in Digital Marketing candidate, Northern Illinois University
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing, University of Georgia
  • Bachelor of Arts – English, Chadron State College
  • Certified Google Ad Professional with specializations in Mobile and Video

I love building relationships and developing strategies that help my clients reach their goals.

Rob Price


Rob Price

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing/Advertising, Arizona State University
  • Previously the Director of Marketing, Communications and Creative Services at South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, AZ
  • Former Municipal Marketing Coordinator for the City of Mesa, AZ

When our nation is well-educated, everybody wins—playing a part in what CLARUS does to help communicate educational opportunities to those in need is tremendously rewarding.

Alison McLallen


  • Master of Education in Secondary Education–English, Northern Arizona University
  • Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Broadcasting, Northern Arizona University
  • Associate of Arts (Broadcasting) & Associate in Applied Science (General Studies), Arizona Western College
  • Eleven years at Arizona Western College as the Media Relations Director
  • Five years broadcast television management and radio in Arizona and California

I enjoy working in and with higher education and specifically at the community college level, because this is where you find people wanting to better themselves. CLARUS connects potential students to colleges, which in turn, changes lives.

Eileen Kirer


Eileen Kirer

  • Master of Science in Digital Marketing candidate, Northern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, University of Iowa
  • Previously Marketing Coordinator at Pepper Construction Group
  • Previously Marketing Manager at Oak Park Avenue Realty

I enjoy working with a great team to provide solutions and insights for our clients.

Chelsie Shackelford


  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications, Arizona State University
  • Certification in Editing, University of Washington
  • Certified Google Ad Professional in Training
  • Previously the Marketing/Digital Engagement Manager at North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

I enjoy using strategic and creative solutions to connect with those on their educational journey to help achieve a positive outcome for our clients.

Meet Your Creative Team

Katie Crosby Barron


Katie Crosby Barron

  • Master of Science in Management, Liberty University
  • Bachelors of Fine Art in Visual Communications (Graphic Design), University of Arizona
  • Bachelors of Fine Art in Art Education, University of Arizona
  • Former Operations Specialist with the Department of Assessment and Enrollment Research, University of Arizona
  • Previously Director of College Communications and Marketing at Morgan Community College, Fort Morgan, CO

I enjoy working with a wide variety of staff and departments to establish an idea and successfully see it through.

Anna Meis


Anna Meis

  • Bachelor of Journalism, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Advertising major with Marketing minor
  • Former Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer at Northeast Community College, Norfolk, NE
  • Previously Director of Marketing for Northeast Community College, Norfolk, NE

It’s fulfilling to bring each client’s unique brand story to life in a personal and creative way.

Meet Your Technical Team

Sarah Beth Strong


  • Master of Business Administration (Finance), Central Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Accounting), Central Michigan University
  • Worked in the Department of Management at Central Michigan University

I enjoy gathering data from multiple platforms to give clients a comprehensive picture of campaign performance.

Josh Thein


  • Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Gonzaga University
  • Associate of Arts in Multimedia, Laramie County Community College
  • Nearly 14 years in the Public Relations office at Laramie County Community College, first as Promotions and Video Production Specialist and later as Creative Marketing Strategist.

Being creative while working collaboratively with the CLARUS team and the clients to develop assets and solutions that enhance marketing campaigns and ultimately drive results.

Rachel Duncan


  • Associate of Applied Science – Web Development; Associate of Business – Accounting, Baker College

I enjoy seeing how my contributions to the campaign help bring our clients success.

Terie Dawson


  • BA and MBA Chadron State College, NE
  • Admission & Enrollment Management (14 years);  Institutional Research (10 years)

Finding information for clients and CLARUS team members..generally I love being hero support for CLARUS projects 🙂

Amy Colerick


  • BA in Business Administration with emphasis in Human Resource Management and Management, Doane University
  • Founding member of the Doane College Human Resource Management Club
  • More than twenty years’ experience in human resources and recruitment

I love that the work we do at CLARUS helps both students and schools.

Ashley Knaub


Ashley Knaub

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an Accounting Emphasis from Chadron State College

I enjoy getting to learn new things while working with an amazing group of people!

Enedina Cantu


  • Associate of Science in Business Administration, Western Nebraska Community College

I enjoy learning about the new marketing opportunities that CLARUS pursues and then offers to our clients. Each project is different and unique.


Would you like to be a part of the CLARUS team?  Please email us your resume and cover letter.

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